Goals - Building a Root System

Goals - Part 3

For me, goals are like the roots of a tree; the farther they go down into the ground the stronger the tree is. With deep roots, a tree can withstand blustering winds, pelting rains, and heavy snows. Like a tree’s root system, I feel that my goals keep me going throughout the year. Without them, I still live (although most trees will not). But when I have goals, I find that I live a much more meaningful and fulfilling life. (And, I get a LOT more done….)

Each year, I separate my goals into segments. Of course, there are the usual ones; spend more time with my family, stick with a workout routine, and try to have a more positive outlook on life. (I actually go a bit deeper into these goals – but I won’t bore you with the details.)

For this blog, I’ll focus more on writing related goals. My writing goals for last year were to keep up with my monthly articles in the Galley (check, check – two monthly articles each month); write two complete manuscripts (check and XXXX – I was only able to complete one); and get more active with my local writing chapter, Georgia Romance Writers of America (BIG CHECK – I might have over-done it at times, but I had a great year).

A few other things I wanted to do were to find out more information about certain areas related to having a career in writing; for example - websites. As you can see from this blog, I succeeded with my research on this subject and even created my own website.

So, for part 3 of my December series on Goals, I want you to come up with some goals for 2008. I know that setting goals can be intimidating to some people. After all, why set them when you know you might not be able to succeed in keeping them? I thought this way too at one time. But over the years, I’ve grown out of that. Instead of feeling like I’ve sabotaged myself when I don’t succeed, I remind myself that this isn’t set in stone. If I mess up today, I’ll start again tomorrow (or next week when the bag of Hershey’s Kisses are completely gone – or, I have one completed manuscript and one started. That’s way more than I had last year at this time).

Remember, until you have something to work towards, what is there to work for? Good luck!!!


Walt M said...

You're much better with adding pictures on your blog than I am on mine. I've got to start doing more of this.

Tami Brothers said...

I'm still working on it. For some reason, I can scatter them throughout the post. They always seem to pop on up to the top.

Tami Brothers said...

-Can't- scatter them throughout the post.

I CAN'T spell either.....