It's Cold in Georgia

Bbrrr!!! It's cold here in Georgia.

I know. It's cold almost everywhere. But this is Georgia, people!!! It's not suppose to freeze!!!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm busy with end of the year stuff at work, so come back next week for my first post about Critique Partners. Yes, I know my link to the Critique Partner article on my website is not working (thank you Jill for giving me the heads-up). I'll get that fixed later tonight when I have access to my files at home.

Until then, try to stay warm.


Walt M said...

Cold? Wasn't it warming up as you wrote that? It's two days later and I was out at the park playing catch with one of my kids today. People all over the place were in shorts.

Just giving you a hard time ;-)

Tami Brothers said...

You are right. It's in the 70;s right now.

That's the beauty of Georgia, cold one day warm the next.

I can't believe how cold blooded I've become since moving here from Wyoming. Five years ago, this little cold snap would have been nothing. But this year, I froze my @$$ off....

Hope you had fun playing catch. Mine is dreading school starting back tomorrow. Of course, we (me and the dh) are thrilled. No more stressing about child care during work.

Have a great weekend....