Part 2 - B Critique Partners/Groups

B- Choose the Group that’s right for you – Freelance Editors

At the suggestion of an agent, I sought out the services of a freelance editor early on my writing ventures. Again, this wasn’t the right direction for me. Only recently have I realized that the work I submitted to this person was not up to submission level. I was basically wasting my time and money by paying for services that I could have gotten for free from an impartial reader.

Although at that time this step was not right for me, it may be right for someone else. I wish I could give you advise either way on this, but without experiencing the services of a freelance editor at this point in my writing career, I just can’t.

So, my suggestion in this regard to is to ask your fellow writers at the next meeting of your local writing chapter. Post questions on agent/editor/author blogs. Ask on the writing loops. I would love to hear about the responses you get.

Come back for more information on the critique group I currently use…

And if you are interested in some wonderful information on setting up a critique group, check out Stephanie Bond’s website. She is giving some very valuable tips that I'm printing for my own future references.

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