What if...

I just read this post today by Rhonda Nelson at the Soapbox Queens Blog. As a huge fan of country music - and sexy men - , I too love Brad Paisley and his new song Letter To Me. For those who have not yet heard the song, it’s about an adult who writes a letter to his younger self giving advice. Doesn’t this sound like a fun idea???

Rhonda went on to list a few things she’d tell her younger self if this was at all possible and of course, I’m jumping on the idea.

At age 35 (did I really say that???) if I had a chance to send my 17 year-old self a letter, what would I say??? Welllllllllll----

1. Keep your butt in school. I know you are graduating from high school, but college is a very important step in a person’s life. Do you have any idea how hard it is to re enter college at 35 years old??? You have a full scholarship. That means it’s paid for!!! What are you thinking with this wanting a break crap??? How stupid are you?

2. Use your sisters as your bride’s maids when you get married. It doesn’t matter that you don’t get along right now. You’re teenage girls. You’re not supposed to get along. You’re family. Besides, the pictures would have been awesome.

3. And quit stressing over that wedding dress. Guess where it’s currently stored. In a box in the storage shed. You will wear it once and you won’t even be happy with it then.

4. Get rid of those sweats and oversized T-shirts that dominate your wardrobe. Show off that size 4 figure. Live a little. Trust me when I say it doesn’t last….

5. After you’re married, you’ll wait a few years to have kids. That’s still a great idea. But, you can also live like adults during that time. Go to the late show every once in a while. Take a weekend trip together. Go out and have fun as a couple. It’s nice to plan for the future, but you have to live for today, also. Besides, you end up selling that house you spend all your time and money on anyway.

6. And I know you will totally not understand me when I say this, but put the books away. It’s okay to read. But like I said in #5, you have to live, too. It’seasy to bury yourself in someone else’s life and forget that you have your own.

Okay. These are just a few of my own ideas. My husband is quick to say that if he only knew then what he knows now, he would have raised a whole lotta hell back then. Can you imagine the stress we would have put our parents through if only we had…

What would you have said to your 17 year-old self?


Rachel.C said...

I think if I were to write a letter to my 17 year old self I'd tell me to keep going. It doesn't matter what dumb stupid thing you're doing right now because it's going to lead you to best damn thing that ever happened to you. By 19 I'd done some interesting things and worked some interesting jobs but all that led to the love of my life. I wouldn't pass him up for the world.

Devon Gray said...

Great question!!! I'll have to think on that. I fear my letter would be very, very long...

Have a great day!