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I copied this blurb from Jennifer LeBrecque's website - -

This big, bad bounty hunter can handle anything. Or can he?

Cade Stone can’t believe Sunny Templeton. How did one sexy woman manage to get into so much trouble? Okay, so maybe she tried to take out a politician with her car. Who wouldn’t do the same thing? But now it’s landed her in jail, and the local media is out for blood. He’s got to help her. That’s just the kind of guy he is...

Sunny thought being in the slammer was bad…until she’s bailed out by tall, dark and dangerous Cade Stone. The bounty hunter has starred in her nightly fantasies for weeks—and now he’s offering to take her home? He might call ‘protective custody’. But for Sunny, it’s an invitation to see if this bad man is as good as she thinks he is….

Big, Bad Bounty Hunters-There’s nothing like being held in the long arms of the law!

- - Tami's Comments - -

Oh. My. Gosh!!!!

If you don't pick up this book for the cover alone, then this blurb should have you running out to buy it. The Big Heat came out in December and with work, school, family and life getting in the way (darn them all), I wasn't able to dive into it until yesterday. Then I couldn't put it down.

Sunny was so funny and very easy to relate to. Cade was sexy as hell. (Where exactly are these kind of men??? No, really. I want to know!!!) The chemistry between the two was completely believable and the love scenes were hot, hot, hot. I can't believe this book was just sitting on my 'to be read' shelf and nothing caught on fire... Way to go Jennifer!!!


Jen said...

Thanks so much!!! It's nice to hear such great feedback on this book. I think I'll always been a little in love with Cade Stone. :)

Tami Brothers said...

I totally LOVE the cover. The model for this book was fabulous... I still want to know where those guys really are!!!!