I'm listening to Devil May Cry by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have her listed as one of my favorite authors on my Favorites Page of my website. Because of this darn budget thing and the fact that it's a hard bound book, I had to wait my turn for it to come in at the library. When it finally came in, it was on CD. Darn it!!!

Although I love listening to it, I know I can read a lot faster than this guy can. But MAN is is worth it. I love this story. I've downloaded it onto my MP3 Player and am listening to it while I'm typing.

Of course, I'm holding my breath for Acheron's story (which could be fatal since this book doesn't come out until August). Check out the new site they have for him. It's pretty cool.

2-8-08 Update - Just finished!!!! Wow!!! You have to read this book. I couldn't put down my MP3 Player. Can't wait for Ash's book!!!!

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