Awesome Workshop

It’s been a few weeks and I still can’t get this guy out of my head.

Who am I talking about? Bob Mayer, of course.

My local writing chapter, along with two others, put on a one day workshop featuring Mr. Mayer. It was an enlightening experience.
I’ve spent the last six years searching for information I heard in just a few hours with Bob. And what I already knew wasn’t even a drop in the bucket to the new things he presented that day.
I wish I'd attended one of his workshops when I first started writing. The information he gave is invaluable. (in my opinion!!!)
If you’re a new writer, you really should consider buying one of his books or even his CD presentation. You may not agree with everything he has to say; but if you’re just starting out in this fickle writing world, you really need to check him out.

Happy writing!!!


Devon Gray said...

I hated that I missed this! I was out of town. I've only heard great things!

Tami Brothers said...

It was fabulous!!! If you get a chance, I would highly suggest attending one even if it is out of your area.

I heard from several published authors who attended his workshop in New Jersey a few years back. They had nothing but good to say about him back then....

Walt Mussell said...

It was fantastic. I will have to get this toolkit.