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I’m copying the blurb from Rita Herron’s website below…

Southern summers were notoriously hot. But when a series of deadly fires blazed through the city, Detective Bradford Walsh really felt the heat. With temperatures rising, he had to catch the arsonist before the city was reduced to a pile of cinders.
On the hunt for a killer, all roads led to one woman: Rosanna Redhill. The fires seemed to target the elusive beauty, and Bradford had to know why. But he couldn't let Rosanna's smoldering glances distract him from his investigation. Because then he'd have another fire to extinguish…one that threatened to send them both up in flames.

- - Tami’s Comments - -

Wow!!! The cover of the book says it all!!!

This book has been on my ‘to be read’ shelf since December and I finally scrimped together some time to do a bit of reading this past week. Of course, when I finished it I wanted to jump right into the next book in the series. I ran to my local grocery store to buy Under His Skin and darn it - - - the store that is usually two weeks behind in stocking their shelves for the current month had already taken down their February selection… What were they thinking???

I’m headed over to as soon as I’m finished with this post!!!

Anyway, if you’re looking for a super good suspense story with a gripping relationship between the hero and heroine, Up In Flames is the book for you!!! You might want to grab Under His Skin while you're at it. I know I'm dying to find out what happened to Parker...

Yeah Rita!!!

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