Almost There!!!! And Reflecting

Woohoo!!! I'm on the downhill slide...

Three more to go!!! I'll take the on-line test right after I publish this post and then the other two are take home... Yeah!!! This has literally been two weeks of pure hell... I never would have dreamed I would be back in school at the 'fun' age of 35.

Which had me reflecting on my life. At 15, I was stressing about boys, school, cross-country running and how I was going to be able to work all that around the new job I just got.

At 20, I was married, helping the DH remodel a very run down house and hoping to find one job (other than the three I worked throughout high school) where I could make $1,000 a month. (I know, big dreams back then. I'd even given up a full-ride scholarship because I was sick of school. How stupid we were back then.)

At 25, I was trying to get pregnant and working a job that made $1,200 per month. Woohoo!!!

At 30, I'd had my son, was finishing up my AA in English, getting ready to move across the country, just getting into the world of writing and giving myself a bit of a thrill with skydiving. (I'd just given up a job where I made $1,500 per month to go back to school a few years earlier.)

Now, here I am - back in school. Full circle it seems, working towards that bigger buck, wanting to help make a better life for my family. Who knows where I'll be in five more years. I can only hope it's onto bigger and better things (fingers crossed that it involves writing).

Until then, I'm grabbing an extra hot Cinnamon Latte and reflecting on a week of hard work coming to an end.

Come and join me. We all deserve a break now and then.

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