Baby Birds

Did I mention that I'm trying to sell my house? Or how hard it has been to keep the house neat for when the Realtors show it? How about the fact that we spent a bunch of time and money 'staging' the house?

Well, I bought a pair of hanging basket plants with pretty purple flowers on them. Great idea, or so I thought. A pair of House Finches decided to set up nest in them. I took the first nest they started out before they could get too comfortable - thinking they would take the hint. But no. They moved over to the other plant.

Soooo my family decided (I was outvoted) to let them stay. If I had any idea how much extra work they were going to cause. First of all, that poor plant. I have to water it a little bit twice a day so I don't drown the birds and it is still smaller than the other one. AND, now that it's been a few weeks and the babies are much larger (see photos above), momma doesn't fit in the nest. So she sits on the edge and poops over the side of the plant. Onto my porch. Did I mention we have people coming over to see the house now and then? It's hard enough to get the DH and DS to pick up their belongings, but how in the world do you train a wild bird to keep her butt in the plant. The plant that was suppose to draw people to want to look at the house. Uggghhh!!!

Okay, I'll stop complaining now. I have to admit they are kind of cute. But I've been told they will eventually make a LOT of noise as they grow older. Is it too late to evict them???


Carol Burnside said...

Yep, 'fraid so. Wayyy too late. ;)

Walt Mussell said...

Look at the bright side. No one can say your house is for the birds becuase the birds are outside. (Did that make sense?)