Summer Writing Challenge

Summer Writing Challenge

May, June, July and August
- Four Months of Writing!!!
We’ve done the month long writing challenges. We’ve done the 100 Words in 100 Days challenge. Some of us have even participated in Sven’s challenge where participants support each other as they go along.

Well, now there’s a combination of all of these. This fun-only writing competition is for published and non-published writers. Everyone is welcome! Follow the instructions below and every Friday (starting in May) post your weekly word count in the comments section of my blog.

Encourage each other as you progress on your way to completing your book THIS year!!!

Set a writing goal – number of pages written per day or week
 Ex. 100 words per day???
Set a revision goal – if not writing, set a number of pages to revise
Every Friday post your goals here under the Summer Writing Challenge post
This is great for more accountability with encouragement.

It’ll be Fun!!!


Berta said...

Sign me up! I'm trying to get a book done by its June 1 deadline, plus two proposals. Yikes! I need a butt-in-chair strategy. - Berta

Cynthia Rayne said...

Sign me up! This sounds like fun! I'm working on two quickies for Ellora's Cave and a novel for HQ Blaze (5 chapters and counting). So, I need to get serious this summer!

Carol Burnside said...

I'm in! Trying to increase my productivity by 25% this year! I've got yearly and quarterly goals I'm working toward.

Also, I'm participating in the May challenge: 25K in 31 days. Gotta get busy!!!

Tami Brothers said...

Woohoo!!! With Walt and myself, we have five people going so far. A bit of a slow start, but I did not get the notice announced at the last GRW meeting. Hopefully if I mention it on the 17th, we will get a few more people coming over here.

Until then, I wish you all the best and we will check back here next Friday, May 9th. I may be a bit tardy since my DH is graduating on that day. But please feel free to post your progress and comment on everyone else's...

See ya all next week...


Pam Varnado said...

Hey, it's Pam Varnado,
Sign me up for the writing challenge. I need to finish the novel I'm working on before Nationals. My writing goal is 2 pages a day, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed for more.

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Pam,

Welcome to the challenge. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. I just hope I can keep up!!!


Emily said...

Hi everyone,

I'm in. I'm working on outlining a project and need to get that done! I'll probably cheat and write scenes here and there, because I can't help myself. Rough deadline at work this week so you probably won't hear from me until next weekend. That's okay, because my WIP won't hear from me either. After that, I'm hitting the ground running!


Cici said...

Hey, Tami

Sorry, I'm late, but count me in. I'm going for 5 pages per day, and maybe I'll be ready to pitch @ M&M.


Tami Brothers said...

Welcome Cici and Emily!!!

I'm happy to see both of you over here.

Good luck with the challenge.

AND have fun!!!!


Cici said...

Okay, so I'm a day late. Sorry. I was writing!

Mon. and Tues. I fine-tuned my synopsis and Chap 1 for Maggies and sent it off. You should have received it yesterday, Tami.

Thurs. I wrote 6 pages on my WIP and yesterday I wrote 10.

Thanks for the challenge, Tami. It keeps me going.