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Post #5 - MySpace - How easy is it?

Don’t you just love Brad Paisley? I think this video and song for ‘Online’ is hilarious. It’s also a huge reality of what people do when creating their MySpace profile. And why not? We all would like to be a bit better than we actually are in real life and MySpace gives us this opportunity to do just that.

Take a second and jump on over to my MySpace site. I try to update it each month to reflect the current month’s theme and as you can see, I love sexy couple pictures. To me, they reflects my type of writing. I also like to add a music video each month. It depends on how I feel at the time for which video I put up

For those people who are considering creating a website, but don’t want to invest your money into one just yet, you might want to consider setting up a MySpace page. Not only is this service free, but it’s actually pretty easy for a ‘novice web designer.’

The best way to get started is to go to the MySpace home page and click on the orange Sign Up block. From there, you will be taken to a series of prompted questions that will help you set up your site.

This is a great time for you to come up with your BIO information, along with a few of your general interests (if you haven’t already from previous posts). Go wild here. After all, you can be anything you ever wanted to be… The prompts ask for simple things like your favorite music, television shows, and hobbies. You get to decide just how much of yourself to put out there in the public domain. Every person has a different idea on how much is too much. The best part about it is that you can type in whatever you want, but can easily change it at any time.

As soon as you type in this information, MySpace automatically formats a generic page. This is a great time to point out that the page you see when you log-in is not the page that other people see. You have your own home page that shows a variety of different things about your current friends. If you want to see the page the public will see, you need to click on 'profile,' which is up near the right hand corner of the screen. (It took me a while to figure this out – remember, I did say I wasn’t very computer literate…)

MySpace has an edit feature that will give you a choice of a few different looks. From here, you can change the color of your background, words, borders, etc. After a while, you’ll probably want to go beyond the basics they offer. One of the great things about MySpace is there are a ton of other sites out there you can use to tweak the look of your site. A couple of my favorites are Get and I’ve used both these sites to set up my backgrounds and to add pictures and sayings to my site. YouTube and PhotoBucket are other sources. The only thing to keep in mind here is that the more you load into your page, the longer it takes to be able to view it on most people’s computers.

-- I know I’ve simplified this quite a bit, so if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section. --

Now that you’ve set up your page, the next step is to start making friends. The best way to go about this is to look at someone else’s site. Here, you click on the different people listed under the friends section and then click on ‘Add as Friend’ or ‘Add Me’ in the small square under the personal information in the mid-upper left hand corner of the screen (if you aren’t already, it will ask you to log in).

Since I’m trying to get published in the romance genre, I’ve ‘friended’ quite a few romance authors, publishers, editors, agents, and readers. This is one of the easiest ways to get started. Most of the friends I have listed on my homepage are GRW members. To me, this is a great way to show my support and to keep up on what these authors have going on.

Well, that’s the briefest post I can come up with on setting up your MySpace page. Let me know if I missed something or if you have any questions on setting up your own space.

Good luck!!!

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Walt Mussell said...

MySpace...another thing I'm having trouble getting started on. I envy your ability to multitask. ;-)