Books I LOVE!!!!!

I have to admit I was doing the Snoopy’s dance when I found out I was going to be Jennifer LaBrecque’s PAL (published author liaison) for my local writing chapter. Jennifer was already on my “Automatic Buy As Soon As It Comes Out” book list. But now, as her official PAL, I get to read the book BEFORE it comes out to the public. WOOHOO!!!

Needless to say, when I opened my post office box and found a yellow padded envelope with Jennifer’s return address on it, I could barely contain myself. When Nobody Does It Better, her June Blaze release, dropped into my hot little hands - I was in lala land. So much so that the guy standing behind me had to clear his throat to remind me I wasn’t the only one trying to get their mail.

Fast forward one week (two days into my Sociology class – where I was suppose to be reading about social cultures) and I’ve finished the book in a mere four hours. Yes people. It is THAT GOOD. Let me wet your appetite a little.

Spies, thrills, and espionage. What do these three things have to do with an ordinary schoolteacher from Atlanta, Georgia? Simple. It’s what Holly Smith finds herself involved in when she sets out to take charge of her life.

Determined to confront a mother who abandoned her when she was a child, Holly boards an airplane for the first time and is swept into a whirlwind romance in Venice. Upon arrival, she expects to meet up with a middle aged woman she’s hired to guide her through the foreign city. When she’s surprised instead by a hunky Englishman, she should have suspected the trip wasn’t going to go as planned.

Undercover spy Gage Carswell is assigned to keep tabs on Holly Smith. After all, she’s believed to be the elusive Gorgon, a notorious agent dealing in black-market uranium. But after a few days, he realized Holly is nothing more than the ordinary school teacher she claims to be. But if that’s the case, why can’t he end the mission and walk away from her?

Nobody Does It Better is a hot, sexy story that will keep you turning the pages. Ms. LeBrecque draws the reader right into the sensuous city streets of Venice and makes you feel like you’re running for your life along with Holly and Gage. I loved the fast plot, intriguing mystery, and the sizzling love scenes. Who knew that dropping a napkin could lead to such yummy visuals?

RUN to your nearest book store and pick up this book! I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


Jen said...

Tami, I'm so glad you liked it!! And especially in the midst of all you have going on. And I'm thrilled you're my new PAL. :))))

Tami Brothers said...

Thanks, Jennifer. I honestly LOVED this book. I love all of your other ones as well, but I couldn't put this one down.

AND thanks for thinking of me for your PAL!!!