Summer Writing Challenge Check In


Today is the first check in day. We are still at five people in the challenge. If you know of someone else who might be interested in participating, shoot them a note and have them post a comment in the comments section. The more the merrier...

So, how have you all done this week? Me? Well, let's just say I could have done better. But with finals, the start of a new semester, the DH getting ready for graduation, and family I haven't seen in over a year; I've been a bit busy. All I can say is that there's always next week.
How did you all do???


Tami Brothers said...

What? No writing news????

I hope everyone has just been very busy with life... I know I can totally relate.

Carol Burnside said...

Well, yeah, only it's not of the impressive kind. But okay, I'll confess: only 5.5 pgs this week. Still it's pages I didn't have this time last week, right?

Pushing for more next week, although I'm writing a synopsis and getting ready to enter a few contests, which always seems to eat up way more time that it should. (sigh)

Cyrano said...

Hello ladies. I finally started writing again a few weeks ago and when I saw the writing challenge on Tami's blog, decided to go for it. I set a goal for 2 pgs a day and not only met that goal, but exceeded it!
I'm finally excited about writing again and I feel all tingly with happiness (kind of freaky huh?)
I just hope I can keep it up.
Have a great weekend!

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Carol,

Great job. You're right. 5.5 pages is way more than what you had last week. I only wish I had as good a news to post. Keep it up!!!

Hi Tamara,

Welcome to the challenge. This is GREAT news. I know there will be all kinds of ups and downs, but your still headed in the right direction.

You keep it up, too!!!

Anyone else out there in lirkdom???? (is that even a word?)


Cyrano said...

I'm checking in. I had another great week, writing at least 4 or 5 pgs a day. I had a critique meeting yesterday and my wonderful partners helped me plot a bit, so I now have fuel to keep this mental fire going. Hope to send even more good news by next Friday.
I hope everyone is doing just as well, if not, keep up your chin. If Tamara, the worlds greatest procrastinator can get in the groove, so can you.
Happy writing! Have a great weekend!
Tamara DeStefano

Tami Brothers said...

Great job, Tamara!!!

Keep it going. It was great seeing you today and I'm excited to be working with you on the PRO Workshop for M&M.