Summer Writing Challenge - Check In

Okay, it's check-in day!!!!

How did everyone do???


Tami Brothers said...

Hi all... I hope everyone is doing well with their writing.

I've had a long week. We finished roofing, painting and moving last weekend; closed on the house Thursday; looked at ten new ones on Friday; put an offer in on one we really liked; and are now patiently (haha) waiting for their response.

I did do some writing amongst all this. I was able to finish editing my 30 pages of In Her Wildest Dreams and got those and the synopsis sent off for the Maggie contest. Yah!!! Haven't had a chance to do much after that though.

So how did you all do???


Sally said...

Hey! I thought that I entered your contest 2 weeks ago, and I think the Internet ate my comment. (It probably wasn't that spectacular anyway) Congrats on your work this week--I wrote 24 pages, scrapped them, created 31 new pages from last years entry, and finally submitted that. Still have no hopes of being a finalist this year :( -- but I should have more time to devote to writing. Maybe I'll start on 2009's entry for my finish the book challenge--did I mention that? Shouldn't I get started on that?

Taking procrastination to a whole new level,

Angela Guillaume said...

Hey Tami,

Well, I finished the first 30 pages of my novel, sent them off to you for the Maggies, and wrote another 1000 words - getting closer to the finish line. Still a ways to go but not so bad :-)


Tami Brothers said...

Hey Sally and Angela,

Great job on writing for both of you. This is quite a bit of writing. I take my hat off to both of you. Every word is one step closer to the finished product.

I love the comment about working on 2009's finish the book contest. Sometimes I feel the same way, so don't feel bad about voicing it. It's actually more realistic that you might think!!!

Keep it up everyone!!!


Carol Burnside said...

I guess I forgot to report in for May, didn't I. 30 pgs or 6349 words. A large chunk of time was spent on getting those contest entries ready and writing synopses which can be a real time-suck.

7 contests entered this year, one win (Yay!) so far, and one lost my entry. :(