Tuesday Rants


Did you notice that we don’t see those irritating little quirks in romance heroes that we love to hate about our own men? I’ve never read a story where the heroine trips over a pair of shoes the hero left by the side of the couch. Have you?


Walt Mussell said...

No, but if we go in this direction (not just shoes, but habits in general), then the issue of PMS should be in the mix.

Jen said...

Well, I actually tried to introduce the issue that my hero had...um...shall we say, gas issues, at the very end of my book but that my heroine loved him nonetheless. My editor made me take it out.

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Walt,

You are absolutely correct. PMS should be addressed as well. I actually have seen PMS refered to in some of the womens fiction books I've read. AND, I've read many referrals of women doing crazy things and blaming it on PMS. I wonder if that's what men actually do???

'I was suffering from PMS. So I didn't want to put my shoes away.' Think they could actually get away with that??? Hhhmmm. Something to ponder.

Hi Jen,

I am glad to hear this has happened to you, too. I've heard of stories being rejected because they were too 'real life' in this way. They may have been rejected for other reasons as well, but this was the excuse used.

It's nice to hear that it happens to those that are published as well. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

And, I have no idea which book this was originally in. But it left me giggling as I tried to figure out which hero it might have been....