Tuesday Rants

kiss farm

I LOVE a good love scene. I especially love a spontaneous love scene where the couple is overtaken by passion. BUT, have any of you tried to make love in a barn loft on top of a pile of hay or even straw???

NOT A GOOD IDEA!!! I love to read these scenes, but come on. The scratches and hives later that day do NOT leave me wanting more. Any of you had one of these experiences???


Devon Gray said...

In real life or in my writing?! In my writing, there is a lot of outside "activity". I think one of the great things about fiction is you can create great love scenes without all the technical issues a person would actually have to deal with!

Tami Brothers said...

I do agree, but when I'm reading them, it's hard not to add things I have personal knowledge about into the scene. I really think that's the sign of a great writer. If the reader can put themselves and their experiences into the scene without it interfering too much with what the writer is writing, that adds so much to the story.

I read on story in particular that was written in my home town. I read half the story and then hated it after that because the author had used a lot of fiction along with other things in the town. It was very jarring to read when I knew that there wasn't a building where she tried to say there was one or that the airport was not large enough to support the kind of hanger she was writing about. I know it's fiction and for some people it may not mean anything. But for me, it just takes me right out of the story and then I can't enjoy it as much as I would like.

That's just my opinion on it though.