Tuesday Rants


Sidewalks!!! Where have they all gone???

When I was a kid, I remember there being sidewalks everywhere. What happened? The place I just left didn’t have them and the new neighborhood I just moved into doesn’t either. Our property line is way back from the road so there could possibly have been sidewalks put in, but no. Nothing. We have to walk in the street if we want to walk around the block. Which isn’t all that bad in my new neighborhood, but I’ve been in a few where you're taking your life into your hands by stepping off the curb.

The last two women’s fiction stories I’ve read had some wonderful scenes where the family or couple walked hand in hand through the neighborhood meeting the neighbors. It lovely, touching, and a bit whimsical. But are these types of stories and practices going to the wayside so that developers can make a few extra bucks by cheating the people out of sidewalks? Who knows?

But it really bites.

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