Tuesday Rants

I had a young girl at the gas station tell me how much she liked my blue shirt last week. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, does it? Well, that day happened to be a really crappy day for me. We were in the process of moving and I had been packing up a load of boxes into our pickup. When I tried to climb out, the toe of my flip flop caught on something and I pitched out of the back onto my hands and side in a driveway of hard, sharp rocks. Oooowww!!! I’m still sore from that darn fall and the bruises are turning an icky yellow…

What is my point in all this? Well, after that conversation at the gas station, I felt a ton better. I also realized that we have become a society where we tend to keep to ourselves. This one little comment lifted my spirits beyond compare. So my challenge to you is to pass it on. Tell a stranger their hair looks nice or their shoes are cute or even that theIr truck sounds really ‘bad.’

What could it hurt? AND it might just make someone’s day!!!

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