Friday Updates

Yes, life is full of surprises and this week has been no different. Fall semester started on Monday and I’ve been going full steam ahead ever since. No rest for the weary. Lots and lots of homework. Tons of reading, and not the good kind either. But I am finding Microeconomics pretty interesting. Who would have thunk it?

Although I haven’t gotten the trim painted, or the French doors primed, or the wall touch-ups in every room of the house (bleh!!!), I have gotten a few pages into my WIP. Very cool, if I do say so myself. On the Naughty List is the title that’s stuck in my head (yes, a Christmas story) and I’ve been having a lot of fun taking ‘breaks’ from my Business Statistics and Accounting homework to sneak in a few scenes.

On the healthy front (is there really one of those??), I’ve snuck in two walks in my new neighborhood. Not too bad, especially since I was up to running 4 miles a day and quit cold turkey when my summer classes, two moves, a house remodel and LIFE hit me over the head.

Okay. Enough whining. How have all of you been doing???

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