Tuesday Rants

Rain. Rain. Go away. Come again another day.

I normally love the rain. But middle Georgia has been getting a LOT of it lately with the tropical storm coming up from the south. I can’t even imagine how Florida is handling it. The problem is that it seems to be happening EVERY afternoon. Which is when we are home from work… Come on, already!!! We’ve been trying to go to Lowes to get the shelving material for my pantry and coat closets for a week now.

So, okay, it’s totally my fault for scheduling our weekends to the hilt. I thought I was fine leaving the afternoons free. Plenty of time to get everything done. NOT…. That was the only time left open to go get the material. Which if it gets wet, swells. Which ruins the wood. Which leads to a big fat waste of money. Wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we?

Darn it. I know we need the rain. And I know that a little water wouldn’t hurt the wood all THAT much (really, maybe we could drive really fast). It’s just with everything still sitting on my counters – this waiting for a place to put it all is killing me!!! Uugghhh. Sounds dramatic, huh?

How have you been doing with all this rain?

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