Wednesday Review - Highland Knight

Highland Knight by Cindy Miles

I’ve been in reading withdrawals for the past three months. Not that I haven’t been reading, mind you. But the books have not been all that fun. Biology, Sociology, Contracting, etc. Very dry reading, yet necessary to obtain a good GPA. (or so they tell me….)

I’m now between semesters and am taking full advantage of this down-time to catch up on the three shelves full of books I’ve been buying (and making myself ignore as I focused on my studies). The second book I grabbed from my shelf was from one of my favorite authors, Cindy Miles. Her new book, Highland Knight, came out last month and I’ve been chewing my fingernails trying to keep myself from sneaking a peak. Now that I’ve had a chance to read it, I can easily say it was well worth the wait. (and a good thing I didn’t start reading it before because there is no way I would have been able to put it down – it was that good)

Mystery novelist, Amelia Landry, decides to beat her writers block by traveling to a 14th century tower in the Scottish Highlands. But it’s not just any old tower. It’s a haunted one. This thrills Amelia to no end. She loves being scared out of her wits and hopes this trip might jump start her writers block. She has no idea that it will not only do just that, but will also change her life completely.

Laird Ethan Munro and his warriors vanished during a bloody battle hundreds of years before. They’ve spent the last seven centuries as enchanted beings, neither alive nor dead, looking for someone to help them solve the mystery behind their disappearance. When Amelia steps foot into his castle, Ethan is positive this is the one person who will be their saving grace. Little does he know that Amelia will become a whole lot more than that.

I had no idea what to expect with this book. Cindy Miles has a great way of creating a unique twist on the paranormal/ghost story theme. She didn’t disappoint with this new story line that was completely different than her previous two (how does she come up with these ideas????). I LOVED the easy banter and sexy tone. I loved the Tae Kwon Do lessons and could easily see Amelia trying not to peak as the warriors practiced their kicks, thus answering the age old question of what do they wear under those kilts. I even dug out my copy of the movie Dirty Dancing after picturing those vivid scenes where Amelia taught Ethan some of those moves.

This was a great book and I honestly couldn’t put it down. I’m positive you won’t be able to either. If you want a fun, sexy ghost story, definitely check out Highland Knight.

FYI - Cindy Miles happens to hold the top spot on my ‘Must Buy’ book list – I love her books THAT much.

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Cindy Miles said...

Thanks so much, Tami, for such a great review and kind words. I'm thrilled you enjoyed Highland Knight so much! And I'm even more thrilled to hold the top spot on your "Must Buy" list!