Wednesday Reviews - Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t read many books by Nicholas Sparks. Not that I don’t like them. No. In fact, I read the Notebook right after it was published and loved it. Since then, I’ve started and stopped many of his other stories; but none have really grabbed and held my attention. Until this one.
Nights in Rodanthe is an excellent story that left me thinking about it long after I’d finished the final page. I can honestly say I’m glad I picked this book up at the store (another one of those I hadn’t intended to buy – but couldn’t make myself put down after reading the back cover).

Mr. Sparks did a terrific job of setting the tone with the opening chapter. He introduces us to Adrienne as she deals with her daughter and her daughter’s inability to cope with the death of her husband. In an attempt to help her cope, Adrienne decides it’s time to tell Amanda her story about love and loss; which leads into the love story the book is based upon.

The meeting and subsequent romance for Adrienne and Paul was refreshing and passionate. I was rooting for them throughout the whole story. Although I had anticipated the ending, I was both sad and satisfied. I was relieved that the pain Adrienne had to deal with ended up helping Amanda through a very rough time. That at least helped counteract the sadness I felt at Adrienne’s loss.

Like I said, I’ve started and stopped several of Mr. Spark’s books. But Nights In Rodanthe was a wonderful story; both heart wrenching and touching. I loved this book and am highly anticipating the movie coming out this November. Definitely a girl friend movie.


Jeff Rivera said...

I've always enjoyed Nicholas Sparks' stories that involve flashbacks, like The Notebook and Nights in Rodanthe... You'd think that telling a tale in flashback form would spoil the ending, but Sparks is always good at throwing in a few twists that suck you in, even so. Being a love story author myself, I've really learned a lot from his work when it comes to framing a story and creating interesting, relatable characters. It definitely takes an amazing amount of time, skill, and dedication to be as prolific an author as he is!

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Jeff! I agree. Telling a tale in flashbacks does tend to spoil the endings but Nicolas Sparks does an amazing job with this.

Also very true on the time, skill and dedication to be that prolific. I hope that one day I can join those ranks. :)

Thanks a ton for stopping by. Hope you have a terrific week.