Challenge Update

Hmm. Today isn’t Monday! Where has the week gone???

Sorry for the delay in posting. School took priority this week, as did the end of registration for the writing conference. Busy, busy, busy.

So, what did I do for my second week of trying something new? I read the Iliad by Homer.
Doesn’t sound all that hard, does it? Well, let me tell you. This story is LONG, folks. But, once I got into it, it actually was pretty interesting.

Okay. I admit that I had to read part of it for my World Literature class. But once I got started, I just couldn’t stop. I had to know how it ended. Aside from the VERY detailed battle scenes, it was rather good. I admit that it was hard keeping all the names straight. Obviously, nobody told Homer that you should use different sounding names for your characters. I’m guessing they didn’t really care about that back in Ancient Greece…

So, this was definitely something new for me. I had a ton of other work to do with three tests (now four) sprinkled in this week. Yet, knowing I had to come up with something out of the ordinary gave me this new experience. Pretty cool. I’m actually looking forward to reading the Odyssey next.

How have you all been doing???

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