Challenge Update

Wow. Another week has come and gone. The summer sped faster than the speed of light. If not that fast, then it was pretty darn close. Here one day and gone the next.

For the challenge this week, I really put the foot to the petal. Literally. After months of inactivity on the exercise front (I don’t really count moving twice as exercise – all the extra fast food we had to eat while without a kitchen nixed any positive effects that might have had), I’ve been doing some walking, running and biking around my neighborhood. Not only has it been great physically, it has worked wonders with clearing my head and helping get the creative juices flowing.

So, for my goal this week, I decided I wanted to take a 5 mile bike ride. This may not seem like a lot to some people. But for the rest of us, it can be a huge challenge. My first roadblock happened when the gears on my 12 speed mountain bike quit working. My DH thinks that Walmart may not have done the best of jobs putting it together before setting it out for display. They knew a sucker like me would come along, fall in love with the pretty blue color and not really care about the quality of the assembly process.

He tells me this will be a simple fix once he has a few minutes somewhere in his very busy schedule to look at it. No biggie, but it doesn’t help me with this challenge. I’m just thankful the darn thing stuck in the mid range, so I can pedal. I can’t even imagine if it stuck on the hard ones (not sure in bike terms if that is up or down – all I know is easy for hills and hard for the rest).

Second obstacle, does anyone know how hard those bike seats are? Wowza. I even bought one of those nifty little foam things that slip over my actual seat. Not that that helped all that much. How does my DS do it for hours at a time???

Okay, long story short – I DID IT!!! I rode down to Sonic (I should get extra points for not buying anything) and back. 5.3 miles. Woohoo…. All I can say is that my hinny hurts from the hard seat and the burn from the one gear. Maybe I’ll actually fit into that suite after all… (see tomorrow’s rants for clarification on this comment)

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