If I Become a Famous Author

If I Become a Famous Author

Just for fun, I decided to follow in the footsteps of Kaleb Nation and Jackson Pearce and come up with five things I would do if I become a famous author. The sky is the limit, so I’m not holding ANYTHING back.

1)I would put up a billboard in front of my childhood home announcing my success. Who wouldn’t like to rub it in share their success with people who taunted them when they were in grade school old friends?

2)I would go on a shopping spree in Paris. Heck, I’d love to do this now!!!

3)I’d go on one of Haywood Smith’s infamous plastic surgery cruises. Those are real, aren’t they???

4)I’d hire someone to teach me how to wear high heels without breaking my neck.

5)Hmmmm. Tough decision for my final choice. I think I would turn all of my household chores over to the pool boy. I guess I’d have to add that pool, also.

Well, that’s me. Can’t wait to get started…

Now I’m tagging five of my friends to come up with their own wish list. If you want to see what everyone else comes up with, check out; Devon Gray, Carol Burnside, Walt Mussell, Cinthia Hammer, and Rachel C. I can’t wait to see what they decide to do. (a couple are on vacation, so keep checking back!!!)

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