Wednesday Review - Into the Wildewood by Gillian Summers

Into the Wildewood by Gillian Summers

Gillian Summers has done it again! Into the Wildewood is the second book in The Faire Folk Trilogy and I can’t stress enough how much I love it. I read The Tree Shepherd’s Daughter when it first came out and spent the last year anticipating this new release. I was rewarded beyond belief with a fabulous story.

Ms. Summers starts us off with the move to a second Renaissance Faire and Keelie getting into hot water when she commits to buying a $900 pair of boots. Irritated with her dad for not allowing her to use the money her mother left her and even more ticked that he is now making her WORK to pay off the debt, Keelie’s positive this place is destined to be worse than the last. Even with the way things have started off, she has no idea about the trouble in store for her; not only with her new job as Jill-of-the-Faire, but with the trouble brewing in the woods as well.
As she deals with the snotty elf girl causing havoc with her new job, angry oak trees showering the attendees with acorns, a mangy looking unicorn asking for her help in saving the forest, and a much anticipated visit from her best friend (who she can’t tell about her newfound abilities); Keelie is kept hopping. But when all the other elves start getting deathly sick and the health department converges onto the grounds to investigate the cause, she has to step it up as she searches for a way to save everyone. All the while, she also has to keep their uniqueness from being discovered; tough job for someone so young, but even tougher as she deals with the prejudice directed at her because of her half elf/half human status.

Gillian Summers blows the competition out of the water with her new installment to the trilogy. Not only has she gifted us with a memorable story; but she’s left us sitting on pins and needles as we begin the year long wait for the final book. Great job on a fabulous story!

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