Wednesday Review

Mothers of the Year by Lori Handeland, Rebecca Winters and Anna DeStefano

I bought the book, Mothers of the Year, at a book signing for Anna DeStefano back in April. I heard a blurb about the story idea and instantly fell in love with it. Ms. DeStefano used a unique hook with Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and I LOVED it, as well as the other two stories. Read the summaries below.

For Ms. Destafano’s story, Baby Steps, Lily Brooks is struggling with her inability to conceive a baby. This struggle has put a huge strain on her marriage to Tyler. Then, Dakota barges into their lives and their whole world tumbles upside down as Lily tries to help the young boy cope with the idea of living without his family, all the while learning to accept her own faults.

In Mommy For Rent, by Lori Handeland, Dani Delgado needs a mommy fast. But what’s a girl to do when her own isn’t around? Call Rent a Mommy and hire one. When Kelly Rosholt shows up and steals the young girl’s heart, Dani can only hope Kelly can do the same for her dad.

In Along Came a Daughter, by Rebecca Winters, Abby Chappuis has no idea the trouble that will come when she hires Brittany Jakeman to wash dishes after school and on the weekends. Not that the girl is trouble. No. It’s her father, Richard. Before she knows it, the two are working their way into her heart. Does she dare take a chance on them?

I love novellas because they are quick reads I can immerse myself into for just a few hours and then walk away completely satisfied knowing the ending. All three of these stories touched my heart. I loved how each author put a unique spin on their story, making each one memorable. This was definitely a fun book to read.

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