More Conference Fun!!! Author Photos

Let’s see how many times I can say fabulous today, shall we??? (I’m sitting at home asking myself if I know any other words… You’d think as a writer… well, we shall see.)

One of the things I’m very excited about is my author photos. I had no intention of getting these done yet. Quite honestly, I hadn’t even thought about them. But Annette Batista from Between your Sheets was at the conference. I knew her from last year because she brought in a very sexy calendar that I still drool over - even though it is out of date. This year she was there taking author photos and was kept hopping all weekend. Whoever thought of this marvelous idea should be given a medal.

Annette is a wonderful lady, as well as extremely convincing; and before I knew it, I was standing in front of the drop cloth. Now, those who know me know I am terrible at being photographed. Every time someone snaps a picture, I blink. It’s a given. I know it. They know it. I’ve come to accept this about myself. (Yesterday’s post didn’t really show my lack of modeling skills, BUT I also got to pick and choose what I post so you didn’t see all of those pictures)

I’m posting a couple of her shots below, along with some fun ones we did the day before when we were messing around. Like I said, I can’t stress how much fun we had this past weekend. You really had to be there and experience it.

I’ll post the actual photos to my website after Annette has sent me the ones that are ‘touched up.’

Wow. She made me look really good.... And I didn't blink (very many times...).

This was a ton of fun. We were messing around out in the hall in-between workshops and appointments. Annette had us all come in for some fun photos. It was a total hoot.

Starting from the back - Abigail McKenley (there is even a really good picture of me on her website on the photo gallery page - check it out!!!), ME, Emily Rose, I feel terrible that I can't remember this wonderful lady's name - I'll add it as soon as I find it!!!, and in front is our fabulous (1) makeup artist (who's name is also eluding me...grrr...).

Annette taking some fun shots of Abigail McKenley.

Annette Batista from Between Your Sheets - GREAT LADY!!!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhh. So that's the infamous "fun" shot. Had I been around when that was taken, we never would've left that room. ;-)

And you look mah-velous, dahlin'. Absolutely mah-velous. One of these days I'll finish unpacking and find my photos *eye roll*

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Marcia!!! We had a few more of those 'fun' shots. It was a hoot... I wanted to post them all, but the post was gettin' kind of long... I wish you had been there. It was a hoot.... (did I already say that...)

Thanks for the wonderful kind words. I can't take credit for them, myself. Annette did a fabulous job making me look good. (my eyes are normally closed in ALL my pictures) I'm really looking forward to those 'touched up' ones.... grin...

I really hope to see you back next year. I'm guessing we will have an even better time now that we know each other!!!