Wednesday Review

Watch and Learn by Stephanie Bond

Gemma Jacobs is newly divorced, unemployed, and the sudden fixation of an enamored peacock. What more could go wrong amongst all this chaos? Enter a sexy new neighbor in town for a short time to fix up and flip the house next door; and then a letter written to herself ten years earlier for a college class describing her most secret sexual fantasies. Life just can’t get any more complicated. Or can it?

Chev Martinez isn’t looking for anything serious. He’s in town for one thing and one thing only; then he’s moving onto the next job. His sexy new neighbor and her late night peep show routine will not detour him from his plan. But, ohh, man is it distracting. So much that he can’t seem to keep his mind on his work as he anticipates the next show from her bedroom window.

Gemma and Chev find a whole new world together, one that is completely different from what each of them knew before. But can any of it last? When Gemma’s ex suddenly appears back into the picture, she has to decide if she can give up this exciting new world she’s just found and go back to her old life.

Stephanie Bond’s new Blaze series, Sex For Beginners, is on fire. WARNING – read with a glass of water because you will definitely be fanning the flames.

I am on my knees, thankful the three books in the series come out back to back; October, November and December of this year. I can’t imagine how little hair I’d have left if Harlequin had made us wait very long in-between release dates. If you haven’t had a chance to grab Watch and Learn, you are missing out on an excellent story. Gemma and Chev have sizzling chemistry and Ms. Bond did an amazing job of keeping the sexual energy blazing throughout this story. I was tickled with the antics of the male peacock and found myself looking forward to his next scene just as much as I anticipated the couple’s love scenes. I can honestly admit that I am anxiously waiting for the next book in the series.

Definitely a Must Read!!!

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