Challenge Update

Okay. This week I studied for and took two tests; and am currently studying for two more this week.

I painted most of the baseboards in my house (still have two more rooms to do). I am also shampooing all the carpets.

We found out our dog has Hyperthyroidism (reason I am shampooing...) and is now taking medicine for the rest of her life (she's 13, so we figured something like this was coming).

Boy had two soccer games and two practices this week. One more and the season is over. So far they are undefeated... Yeah...

Hubby is feeling GREAT!!! So much so that he is outworking and outperforming the rest of us; not good when he's suppose to be taking it easy for another week.

I haven't been able to do anything new this week; haven't even been able to sit and read, life is that crazy. But I'm working on it and I won't let myself stress over not accomplishing just one more thing.

How are you all doing?

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