I've Been Tagged!!!!

I LOVE being tagged, even though I don't get tagged very often. Hmmmm. I wonder what that says about me... grin....

Anyway, the wonderful Anna Adams posted her tagged comments today and I decided I'd hurry up and get mine up before my surgery tomorrow... So, I'm suppose to come up with 7 wild and crazy things about me. Let's see if I can think of that many...

1. I moved around a LOT when I was a kid. I think my family moved 4 times alone during my pre-school year. I loved it. Which is probably why I love to move now as an adult. Crazy enough? No? Hmmm. Let me think.
2. My first job was making noodles with my aunt. $1 an hour was pretty good money for an 11 year old. Better?
3. I HATE scary movies. HATE them. But, if I happen to sit down when someone else is watching one, I can't pull myself away. I HAVE to know how it ends. Silly, huh?
4. I used to have really bad nose-bleeds when I was younger. The sickest thing I ever did was to fill a glass with the, um, blood, (cough, cough, sorry about that - I can sense the stomachs turning as I type) and scare the crap out of my mother. She was not pleased and after the paddling I received, I NEVER did that again.
5. I took my father-in-law skydiving when I turned 30. You don't think I was having a mid-life crisis thingy, do you? That was still the scariest thing I've done to date.
6. I secretly would LOVE to buy my son a snake as a pet. Although I do not like snakes, I think it would be pretty cool to brag to your friends about something like that.
7. Okay, I'm really racking my brain here. The only think I can think of is that really wacky 'item' I bought for a friend's bridal shower. (Nicki knows what I'm talking about...) That was probably the reddest I ever turned. Especially when she started unwrapping cookie sheets and silverware. I guess I should have looked at the guest list before I tried to get funky...
That's me. Let's see who I can tag. Devon Gray, Carol Burnside, Nicki Salcedo (maybe you can do your Facebook page????), Michelle Newcome, Rachel Charlton, Walt Mussell, and Cynthia Hammer. Good luck!!!


Nicki Salcedo said...

You are too funny. I'm months behind, but I will respond to being tagged shortly. And I will not tell anyone about your secret gift, Nana!

Tami Brothers said...

You are too funny!!! I'll hold you to that.

And I look forward to reading you tag.