Monday Update

Good Morning to you all. I thought I'd give you a brief rundown on this past week for me.

I interviewed for and received a co-op position through my college. Yeah!!! VERY good thing.

I set up the spreadsheet and merge letter for the M&M Conference Registration. We now have 10 people who have registered early. Yippee...

I took two tests this week and am getting ready to study for finals coming up the second week of December.

My in-laws came out to visit us for the holidays. Triple yeah!!! I really am happy they are here...

I had a hysterectomy on Thursday and felt wonderful this whole weekend. A little sore, but much better than I ever expected. My hubby has been awesome; cooking, cleaning, taking care of me and our kid (only nagging a little bit when I try to do something I really shouldn't be doing). Of course, I won't be letting him help me put on any more bandages.... (Don't ask....)

Felt so good that I typed 50+ pages of paperwork for the co-op position on Sunday. (I might have overdone it a bit. We shall see today.)

Also worked on getting a new group blog started. I'll type more on that later. I'm really excited about this and can't wait to share more...

That's what I've been focused on this last week. For next week, I'm getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner (which my wonderful hubby has volunteered to fix while I continue to recuperate - I wonder how long I can stretch this out????).

Have a good one!!!

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