Monday Update

Whew!!! What a weekend. I spent Saturday partying it up at two different parties. I attended the GRW Christmas party in Smyrna and had a ton of fun with all my friends. These are people whose friendships I wouldn’t give up if you paid me to. They are wonderful, supportive friends who can totally relate to the trials of a writing life.

I then raced to a family get-together that left me stuffed to my eyeballs… (Great visual, huh????)

I finished up my finals and am impatiently waiting to find out my grades. I’m at that point where I’m hoping for all B’s. This is a huge difference from last semester when I was devastated to get one B amongst all my A’s (same thing happened the semester before). But with the craziness that happened this semester, I’m completely at peace with B’s (I’m still worried about one grade, though.).

I’m also finally getting my Christmas letter finished. Just ran to Wal-Mart to buy some more colored ink for my printer. Hubby keeps asking why I put so many darn pictures in the letter. I patiently remind him that everyone lives 1,600 miles away and don’t get to share the wonderful memories we create every day (still not sure if he’s buying this or not). Now he’s asking why I have to send so many out. (see comment above….)

I’ve vowed to spend this week reading and relaxing. Already broke that promise today by heading out to breakfast with my in-laws (who are out here from Wyoming for the holidays) and then running the gauntlet at Wal-Mart. Hubby will be picking me up in a few so I can go with him to a doctor’s apt. But honestly, after that, I will relax. I even have a stack of books out here on the coffee table waiting for me to open them!!!!

Have a good one!!!

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