Monday Update

What have I been doing this week? Hmmm. The answer to that is quite a bit and little to nothing... What the heck does that mean???

I ended up having to go to the doctor at the beginning of the week because I over did things and ended up pulling some stitches loose. My doc wasn't in, so I had to see another doctor. What did she find? NOTHING!!! I tell you, I know my body and the pain and other signs that I had pulled a stitch was NOT in my head. Not that she said that. Just that I was healing fine and she wasn't able to find the area I was complaining about.

Okay, fine. She couldn't find anything; but I knew I had to take things easier or I won't be able to ride those darn rides at Disney in a couple of weeks. Trust me when I say I AM GOING TO RIDE THOSE RIDES!!!! So, I plopped my hinny on the couch and read and wrote and judges some stories for my local college magazine. Not a lot, but a ton of stuff got done.

I feel pretty good about last week. (Not everything that I ate - especially with not being able to exercise it off. But good overall...grin...) With that in mind, I'm going to try to approach this coming week the same way. Of course, the kid is out of school. So I'm sure life is about to get crazy. We shall see....

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