What a week. I’ve spent a lot of time studying for finals (for this coming week), so I haven’t done anything really fun. I’ve also had a huge craving for candy (any candy), which is a bad thing when I haven’t been cleared to exercise, yet.

I revised a couple of short stories I had written previously and sent them to my college magazine for possible publication. (Thanks a ton, Jenny, for the extended deadline.)

I was able to attend all of my classes with no problems. It wasn’t until I went to my DS’s school that I fell walking off a curb and pulled something that has made me have to sit and relax again until it heals… Darn it!!!

I started typing my family Christmas letter. (This is one thing I am WAYYYY behind on. I usually have this mailed out by December 1st….)

I’ve ordered (and received most of them) my book for my spring college semester.

I turned in all of my paperwork for the co-op program and have a tentative start date of January 20th. Yeah!!!!

Okay, that’s me for now. My young adult story has been brewing in my head for so long now that I’m going to have to start writing it soon. If not, I’ll end up getting bored with it and move onto something else. I really don’t want to do that because I think it has the potential to be a really good story… (Which I hope to post more info about on my website after the new year….)

How have you all been doing????

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