This has been a crazy week. Although I haven't had a lot to do with school or the new job coming in January, I've still felt like I've been spinning my wheels as I turn around in circles and see more to be done. Ever feel that way???

Anyway, Christmas was awesome. As usual. This is one of my very favorite holidays. I LOVE everything I received and was thrilled to watch 'those' open the gifts I gave. Too fun!!!

I spent a lot of time helping get a new group blog ready to go LIVE January 1st. I'll post a link here as soon as we are up. This is going to be a ton of fun and I can't wait to work with these wonderful ladies.

I also spent a bunch of time reviewing some essays, poems and pictures to go in my college's publication. I'm on the board to help with that and it ended up being a lot of work (especially for those of us who put it off to the last minute...hhhmmmm...you'd think I'd learn....). But that is coming together nicely and I'm just about in the clear.

I've also read a TON of books these past couple of weeks. I completely forgot the joy in just reading a book for pleasure. School is about to start back up in a few (uggg, it's closer than I thought....), so I'll probably be limited again. Until then, I plan to immerse myself in the fabulous stories by some of my very favorite authors...

Hope you all had a great Christmas and I send my very best to you for a fabulous New Year!!!


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Walt Mussell said...

So what is your new blog you're creating?