Wednesday Review - The Body Movers Series by Stephanie Bond

The Body Movers Series by Stephanie Bond

I bought my first Body Movers book back in August of 2006. I know this because I was fortunate enough to have Ms. Bond sign the book for me. Of course, I was in the middle of something very important (aren’t we all) and ended up putting the book aside for bit. Then my friend Bobbie borrowed it, read it within a few hours, and raved about it for days. Her one mistake was to mention that the second book was coming out soon. Of course, knowing a second book in the series was coming out; I set the book aside AGAIN, you know, just to wait and read it with the second one.

Book Two, 2 Bodies for the Price of 1 came out and then Book Three, 3 Men and a Body. Time was getting away from me and I was rapidly falling behind. Bobbie was ranting and raving because she couldn’t talk to me about something I hadn’t read yet. What’s the fun in that? So here I am with a few free days between semesters and the threat of 3 more Body Movers books coming about back to back this 2009. I HAD TO GET MY BUTT IN GEAR. So I did. And devoured them in two days. What the hell was I waiting for???

Carlotta Wren is a fashionista. Or as much of a fashionista as one can be on a fixed budget. She was once a pampered little rich girl; living it up with her affluent family. Then her father was accused of embezzlement, he and her mother skipped bail (and town) and she was left to raise her 9 year old brother. Not something easily overcome. Ten years later, Carlotta is selling retail at Neiman Marcus while her brother Wesley is up to his eyeballs in debt with a few loan sharks. Life just won’t cut the two a break.

After Wesley gets arrested for hacking into the City’s computers, the ten year old case against their fugitive parents is brought to the front burner again. All at once Carlotta is dealing with an irritating, yet sexy Detective Jack Terry as he works both her brother and her parents’ criminal cases. But that is the least of Carlotta’s problems. Her brother has finally grown up and gotten himself a job. One would expect her to be proud for his initiative. And she would be. If only he wasn’t hauling bodies for the local morgue. Of course his boss, Cooper Craft, isn’t hard on the eyes. But still, hauling bodies? Of course, his first transport happens to be her ex-fiancé’s dead wife. Now suddenly Peter Ashford (the ex who abandoned her after her parents skipped town) is apologizing like crazy and wanting to resume their relationship.

You’d think having three sexy men on the line would be any girl’s dream? But how do you choose between them? Add in a killer intent on pinning a couple of murders on Peter, even if it means killing Carlotta to do so, and you have major confusion. What’s a girl to do, besides shop that is?

I can honestly say that I LOVED reading Stephanie Bond’s Body Mover series. I know I have reviewed Ms. Bond in the past and raved about her books, but until you have read this author, you truly can’t appreciate the prolific talent she posses. She can go from a Sex for Beginners Harlequin Blaze Trilogy where she tied me up in knots with the hot sizzling sex scenes; and then jump to a mystery so involving I honestly didn’t guess the bad guy until he attacked Carlotta in the elevator. That was just with book one. Book two and three were just as amazing and hard to solve. Ms. Bond did a fabulous job of tying each book into the next one. So much so that I can honestly say I felt like I was reading one novel.

If any of you have read Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Series (and liked them), you will definitely fall for Stephanie Bond’s Body Mover Series. This was a fun, fast paced read where I was left to ponder who I think would make the best match of the three men for Carlotta. Each book gives the reader a deeper understanding of Carlotta’s personality and a deeper look into the relationships she has with each man. I have no idea who she will end up with (although I do have my favorite!!!) and I will definitely be looking forward to Ms. Bond’s back to back releases of books 4, 5, and 6 in hopes of getting closer to solving the puzzle.


Walt Mussell said...

I love Stephanie's writing. I just wish I cold find that first book. I started with the second in the series.

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Walt,

I love her, too... She was selling book one at the last M&M. She said they had gone back to print (I think). You should be able to get it pretty soon.

Also, you can meet Carlotta in Stephanie's book, Party Crashers. You see references to the old party crashing Carlotta and you even get to meet Jolie (the main character in Party Crashers) in book 2, 2 Bodies for the Price of 1. Definitely check it out!!!