Lists, Lists and More Lists

I recently bought a neat book by Chronicle Books called Love Listography, Your Love Life in Lists. What a cool idea. This book has 160+ pages with one line sentences asking different questions about various parts of your love life. I LOVED this idea (which is why I bought the book) so much that I decided to do a different version of this list idea and give my readers a small peak through the window of my life. I hope you enjoy it. Come back each Friday for a different list.

Top 5 Favorite Books that I read in 2008
  1. Stephenie Meyer – Twilight Series
  2. Devon Gray – Addicted
  3. Gillian Summers – Into the Wildwood
  4. Susan May – Nick’s New Heart
  5. Cindy Miles – Highland Knight


Devon Gray said...

Wow! I'm in there with Stephenie Meyers. I'm so glad you liked Addicted. I'll be smiling all day. Have a great weekend!

Tami Brothers said...

I hope you do smile, Devon!!! And while you are at it, do some more writing!!! I truly can't wait to read more... You are very good at what you do...