Tuesday Rants

Dear Bailey,

I mentioned yesterday that I have a 70% average on my homework in Quant. I accept that this grade is due to my missing two of the classes. I also want to add that I spent hours trying to read the book and figure out what I might have missed. Along with that, I got with one of the other students at a time that was convenient for her and figured out part of what I was doing wrong. That’s what I did to try make up what I missed.

So here is what I wish I would have said last week to a guy who was not so courteous with me - Mr. Man, who spent most of the last period asking me questions about the previous period that HE missed, when I tell you (now) to shut the hell up!!! This was the only class before the big test (we only have two tests and a final for the whole semester) and I really needed to be paying attention to the instructor about how he wanted us to do this problem. This was very important stuff that we needed to know for the Excel portion of the test and something that is NOT in the book. I know you missed last week, but that is not MY problem. If you are struggling to figure out the steps to SOLVE the problem, then stay after class and ask the instructor. NOT ME!!!

Now why could I not have said this to him? We can be bitingly frank and forward with the ones we love, but I usually try to be nice and understanding to perfect strangers who are taking advantage of me. This is just not right and something I definitely need to work on. (note to self – be nice to the ones I love and don’t take this kind of crap from people whose names I don’t even know)

Back to Mr. Man. Please understand that I don’t plan to respond to the e-mail you sent me asking if I could call you and explain the problem one more time to make sure you are getting it. I felt the effort I spent to e-mail you my typed notes was more than enough help. I’m now struggling to figure out a piece of the problem that was explained during one of your whisper sessions when I had to explain the damn equation to you for the fourth time.

Okay, enough whining. Thanks for the ear, dear friend. Hope your camping trip went well…

Your Friend,


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Tami Brothers said...

Okay, now that I've posted this and read it again, I know I come across a bit witchy. But even after having drafted that note, I'm still upset at how inconsiderate some people can be.

I would love to have been able to help this guy, but I really wish he had made more of an effort to make it convenient for me to help him.

Not sure if this is making sense. Still studing for that darn test (which is today...grrr....).

Have a good one!!!