Hi everyone. This past week has been an eye opener (with the new job schedule and school and family and and and). I now know that I’m going to have to do some very creative juggling to keep up with everything.

I was able to get my article turned in for the PROspects newsletter coming out this next week. This is my first article for RWA’s National PRO publication and I hope I can keep up with the quality of the group. The writers who will be reading my article (on why I’m proud to be a PRO member) are very good at what they do and I want to be able to live up to their expectations. So I’ll be stressing about every little word placement until I see how everything looks.

I crossed off a ton of items on my “to do” list. Things like writing my Ds’s yearly letter telling him how much I enjoy being his mom and what he did this year. I put them into a time capsule I plan to open when he graduates. I also typed up a fill-in form and will be mailing it to all our relatives asking them to fill out where they are in their lives at this moment in time. This, too, will go into the time capsule. I hope this will be a lot of fun because it’s something out of the ordinary for a graduation party.

I also created a weekly healthy eating menu. This week is pretty simple because I’m just figuring it all out. We filled out a questionnaire on a healthy eating website and found out how many calories we should be eating. Far different from what we are currently eating. They say the first week is the hardest. So I’m hopeful it goes pretty smooth. We shall see.

We’ve been very busy on our group blog. This has been a huge learning experience for all of us and I can honestly say it has been lots of fun. I’m thrilled with the fact that I am making friends as well as partners who encourage me in my writing. Although my manuscript writing is still on hold, I’m keeping up with the everyday writing associated with this blog and Petit Fours and Hot Tamales. Please head over there and check us out. We’d love to hear what you have to say!!!

Have a great week.


Walt Mussell said...

The time capsule letter is great! Wish I'd thought of that for my kids.

Tami Brothers said...

Thanks, Walt... I LOVED the idea when I read about it in a newsletter I received when I first had him. Since then, I've expanded as I go. It should be pretty fun (for me at least) when I have him open it at his graduation party....