School – Wow. Busy doesn’t even describe school right now. Its mid-term time and I’m scrambling to keep up with all the tests. I have one more on Tuesday and then I get a break for a few weeks. That will be VERY nice…

Work – I finished one on-ling class, will start and finish another today, then start another long one on Wednesday. I’m learning a TON about what I will be doing. But I’m also finding out just how long it will be before I learn everything I need to know.

Writing – I issued a challenge over at Petit Fours and Hot Tamales to get everyone going for the Maggie writing contest with GRW. This is actually a very selfish challenge as I need the competition to create my own steam. I’m sure they don’t mind and I hope this will help put a boot to my backside and help me get things going again. I’m really bummed I missed an awesome GRW meeting this past weekend, but school just wouldn’t release its grip around my throat. Too dramatic???

Blog – I love the new feel of my blog. BUT I found that every once in a while when I try to do something new, it messes everything up. I’ve lost all my codes twice now. So if you stop by and things look strange, sorry about that. Please know I’m working on it…

If you get a chance, check out the Petit Fours and Hot Tamales blog that I’m participating with. We just had published author, Tanya Michna/Michaels guest blog last Friday; we have published author, Allison Brennan with us this coming Friday; and published author, Stephanie Bond with us on Monday the 30th. Great line-up!!!

Life – I’m taking a nutrition class to help learn better and healthier ways to cook and live. I’m hopeful that making healthier choices will be better for my family than just focusing on trying to lose weight. So far the classes have been a repetition of things I already knew. BUT I have been reminded of things that I simply forgot. I plan to post some of these techniques at a later time (right now, Macroeconomics is taking up my time). I’m actually very hopeful with this new program.

I’ve also been exercising at the gym connected to the building where I work. Having it so close is a great reminder and one that is very hard to avoid as I’m driving home. Great motivation.

That’s me. How are things going for you?

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