Lists, Lists and More Lists

5 things on my Bucket List

  1. Run a marathon

  2. Learn how to surf

  3. Learn how to ski

  4. Go White Water Rafting

  5. Learn how to scuba dive


Devon Gray said...

Did you read my blog entry about MY scuba diving experience?! If you're brave, go to the archives...should be around February 2008. I still break out in a cold sweat just thinking about it-LOL. This is a great, ambitious list. But no skydiving?

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Devon,

I did read your post on scuba diving. I LOVED it. Although it sounds like it wasn't so enjoyable for you. I'm sooo sorry it was such a bad experience. (I also loved your post about smoking the cigar around that time too!!! You are very adventurous, girl!!)

Regarding the skydiving, been there, done that. It was fabulous!!! I loved it!!! I actually did my tandem jump when it was starting to snow and the ice crystals hitting my face was an experience few ever get to feel (so says my instructor in Colorado). You can see pictures of my jump on my website!!!

What's on your bucket list???