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Top 5 Favorite Holidays

  • Daylight Savings (Fall) – I like this one for the extra hour of sleep. I know it sounds weird, but I can DEFINITELY tell the difference!!!
  • Christmas – Okay, I know this is just about everyone’s favorite. I love it for the way it makes me feel. No matter how mad I am at someone, I FEEL like forgiving and forgetting. (and those presents aren’t too bad either…grin…)
  • Valentine’s Day – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. ‘Nuff said…
  • New Years Day – LOVE this day because it feels like a re-do day. The start of a fresh new year and fresh start.
  • Last day of school – What? This isn’t a holiday? Well, it is for me and I have my graduation date (May 2010) highlighted in several colorful shades on my calendar. Better than a birthday…grin….

What are your favorites???

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