Lists, Lists and More Lists

It’s been chilly here; which really sucks because its spring and I’m looking forward to planting seeds and putting up a basket of flowers on my porch. We had a really pretty couple of weeks where I dug out my short pants and started dreaming about swimming pools. Then the darn cold hit again. I regret having my DH shut off the propane on our fireplace. That would have been nice during a couple of colder evenings. Darn it!!!

All this cold weather led me to thinking about Christmas. (I know, big leap….) Which led me to thinking about some of my favorite Christmas presents. Hmmmm… I really like presents. So that is what this list is about.

  • One of my favorite presents (so far) was a gift card to a book store… LOVED it!!! It was thoughtful because they know what I liked and I was able to pick up some books that I’d been putting off getting because I was spending my money on presents for other people…
  • Book Cases. My hubby bought me several book cases the second year we were married. After 16 years, I still have them (and several more we’ve had to add along the way).
  • An earring and necklace set (I’d really wanted the necklace after seeing it in a magazine. My husband found the exact necklace with a pair of earrings and that was the best surprise.)
  • A huge clock for my wall. I’d lookied for one for a LONG time and my husband was kind enough to listen to my ranting and went to several different stores (which he hates to do) looking for one. He found it!! And I love it!!!
  • The BEST present ever was a small glass candle with a fish on the side of it. This was the first thing my DS bought for me, on his own, with his own money. I believe I will treasure this forever!!!

Christmas in April… Gotta love it!

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