Tuesday Rants

Dear Bailey,

You will not believe the conversations I overhead in my little cube at work. I can’t even believe some of the things people talk about when they KNOW there are others just over the wall who can hear them. Shoes, PMS, kids, peanut butter (yes, peanut butter) and then there is that one about the dildos. Dildos??? And from a cube full of men? WTF? I tried to listen objectively, but it was just too funny.

Then there are the ones where the lady threw a hissy fit with her fiancé’. (Note – they are no longer engaged – or even seeing each other) And don’t forget the one where the guy was complaining about his wife not brushing his kid’s teeth until they took the child to the dentist to fix some gaping holes. Again, WTF? Why didn’t he brush the kid’s teeth? Just my thoughts on this.

I have to think back now to the conversations I’ve had. I wonder how many people are sick of me talking with my cube neighbor about Rob Patterson and our obsession with the Twilight books and movie… Hmmm. Wonder what else I’m forgetting I talked about.

Hope you are having a terrific spring.

Your friend,


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