Wow! What a week. (I know I use this word a lot, but it has seriously been one of those weeks!!!)

School - Two tests... Man, what are these teachers thinking? I don’t remember having this many tests in high school. I’m probably completely wrong about that. In fact, I vaguely recall saying something similar to my mom while studying for a calc test one time. I grumbled about how nice it was going to be when I was a grown-up and didn’t have to take tests. Ugghhh!!!

Home – We are still waiting to find out how much damage was done on the car. They are trying to decide if it will be completely totaled or if they will go ahead and fix it. The body shop took it completely apart and found that every box and panel had been bent or cracked. Right now they are trying to decide if the frame is bent. That will probably be the determining factor on totaling it. We shall see. It sucks that we are just now getting ready to make that first payment and can’t even drive the darn thing…

I’m about through the fourth book of the Twilight series (yes, again!!!). I love this book because Stephenie Meyers put SOOOO much into it. I love having a wrap up to a story, but I always miss them. I don’t know which is worse, waiting for the next installment or reading The End and not being ready to let the characters go quite yet. (which is probably why I’m reading them again…grin…)

Okay, onto the blog highlights. There was a TON of excellent information this week.

Murderati – This blog is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Make sure that if you have them bookmarked that you change it to their new site. Check out Allison Brennan’s post on 4-6 about the “Anatomy of a Superficial Novel.” Really good stuff there. I also loved Alexander Sokolff’s post about, “Your 1st Draft is Always Going to Suck.” Toooo funny! On 4-8, Robert Gregory Browne wrote about, “How to Survive Working with an Editor.” Then on 4-10 Brett Battles wrote about luck in his post, “Right place, Right time.” Did I mention that this blog is at the top of my reading list???

The Pink Heart Society – Donna Alward featured the fabulous Robert Patterson. MMMMmmmmm. I could look at pictures of him all day…

Fierce Romance - On 4-8, Carly Carson wrote about “What’s New in the Agent/Editor World.” She has some fabulous updates that she obtained from a recent conference she attended. On 4-10, Kristen Daniels blogged about “what Gets you in the Mood.” This was a neat post to read. I think I’m going to try a couple of the tips she mentioned. Carol Erickson wrote about, “What Comes Next.” I copied this post and will start working on my own version of her calendar method.

The Knight Agency - On 4-8, Guest blogger David Cristofano gives an incredible insight into the world of the Witness Protection Program.

Pub Rants - On 4-8, Agent Kristen did a post with an eye opening look at complaining about agents… Definitely check this out before you start ranting on your blogs…grin…

Hooked on Romance - Naughty Nikki Duncan did an interview on 4-10 with Samhain Publishing Executive Editor, Angela James. If you are thinking about e-publishing, definitely check out this post. Lots and lots of insight into her world.

These are just a few of the posts I read this week and happened to be the ones I was targeting specifically for myself. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!!!

Have a great week!


Brett Battles said...

Thanks for the mention, Tami. Glad you enjoy Murderati. Hopefully it's helpful sometimes.

Tami Brothers said...

Hey Brett,

I definitely think it will be helpful. I LOVED the baseball story. Thanks a ton for sharing it with us!!!