Wednesday Review - Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

Breaking Dawn is a love story to span the ages. Bella finally gets her man and her wish to become a Vampire. But she also ends up with a few other things she wasn’t expecting. In this story, she also becomes a wife and a mother. (Yes, a mother! Wow! I definitely wasn’t expecting that twist!)

Edwards’s one wish before turning Bella into a vampire was to get married. A bit old fashioned, yes. But that’s easily explained by the time period in which he was born. Still, it’s something that Bella really has to resign herself to, especially after living with a mother who was very vocal about her aversion to marriage. Bella counters back to Edward’s request with one of her own. Because she’s afraid her feelings for Edward will not be as strong during those first few years of being a new born vampire, she wants to consummate their marriage before her change. Of course, Edward is terrified of hurting her, but can’t tell his Bella no. Thus, the consequences of their actions play out through the rest of the story.

This is the final book in the Bella/Edward saga. Yay!!! I love knowing I’m going to see how things will conclude (even if I don’t want to let these characters go). For the past three books, we’ve been on pins and needles wondering if Bella and Edward were going to end up together. Some of us KNEW it had to work out, while there is a whole other group of people crying “injustice” because they were rooting for Jacob.

I wondered how Stephenie Meyer was going to satisfy all of us. I’m thrilled to say that she pulled it off beautifully (for me, anyway). I won’t say how the story wraps up because that would be a huge spoiler, but I do want to add that she did an awesome job of NOT leaving me hanging and or wondering how the characters’ lives would progress. She gave the readers just enough information that I didn’t feel the empty hole I normally feel when I read that last chapter.

I LOVED these four books and was satisfied with the way the movie turned out. Like I said above, I hate to see the story end, but we do have something to look forward to now with the movies coming out. I’m thrilled that New Moon is just months (instead of years) away. This will give me my Edward and Bella fix (at least until the third movie…grin…). If you haven’t yet read these books, you are truly missing out. I LOVE them and they are definitely right there on my list of top three favorite YA series (right next to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books and Gillian Summer’s Fair Folk series). Thank you, Stephenie Meyer, for sharing this wonderful world with us!

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