Tuesday Rants

Dear Bailey,

I watched the season two Chuck finale last night. LOVED IT!!! Chuck, the nerdy hero, is terribly sexy. If he is really done with the Buy More, I’m already missing that un-tucked white shirt he’s always wearing. AND as much as I LOVE looking at Bryce, I’m still rooting for Chuck and Sarah.

But, WTF??? PLEASE don’t tell me they are ending this series!!! Every flippin time I find a show I LOVE, it gets canceled. Is it me??? Because if it is, I will gladly post a warning on my blog to anyone who cares not to watch the shows I’m watching because they ALWAYS end up cancelled.

Who do I need to complain to about this rumor? I will gladly send out a letter this very night.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t cancel this show!!!!!


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