Tuesday Rants

Dear Bailey,

I am so very frustrated. Remember the accident I told you about with DH’s car? Well, I swapped paint in my Buick on Friday. I was on my way back from taking my DS to the doctor and was merging with another road in the middle of road construction. The car next to me merged into the back driver’s side fender of my car. Darn it!!!

We pulled over, called the police and then waited forever for them to arrive. Now here comes the frustrating part. I had one story and the other guy had another story. He said I went over into his lane and I say he went into mine. Who is to be believed??? He thinks he’s right and I KNOW I am right. How frustrating is that.

We shall see what the police report says. But come on! How do you convince someone you are right? Talk about frustrating…

Have a great week.


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